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Disposable BBQ Aluminium Foil Grill Trays Pack of 10

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Product Features:
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Made from aluminium
  • For use with gas or charcoal grills
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Saves on mess and cleaning
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Having the right tools makes barbecuing for friends and family a much easier experience, allowing you to enjoy your time over the grill, rather than leaving you feeling stressed as you juggle multiple dishes. With this ten piece aluminium pan set from Tepro, you can put on a professional show at your barbecue and wow your guests, by turning out some truly delicious food, time and time again.

Made from recyclable aluminium and measuring a generous 34cm X 23cm each, this Tepro pan set offers you the perfect way to cook on both gas and charcoal barbecue grills. Air slits in the base of these trays mean that the hot air from your grill is better able to circulate, so food cooks more evenly and you’re able to plate up dishes which are both safely cooked through and more presentable. The slits also mean you lose nothing of that wonderfully intense, smoky flavour which permeates the meat and vegetables as your grill, beautifully defining barbecue cooking at its best.

With ten pans in the set, you’re able to separate out your different dishes, which is ideal if you are catering for vegetarians and need to avoid contact with any meat dishes you’re grilling at the same time.

This aluminium pan set also means you save time and energy on cleaning up at the end of the evening. Often when you cook meats and vegetables directly on the grill, you end up with unwanted drips from fats, juices or marinades, which then burn on and are difficult to clean off once your barbecue has cooled down. With these aluminium pans, the worst of the drips are retained and there will be less mess for you to clean up, once the party is over and all your guests have gone home.

For a more relaxed and less stressful cooking experience, purchasing this disposable aluminium pan set means better quality food, less time cleaning and more time showing off your culinary skills to friends and family.

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