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Bayou Turkey Fryer Pot

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Product Features:
  • Fry Whole Turkeys!
  • Produces the most tender and succulent meat
  • Rub the turkey with spices or herbs for a deliciously crisp outer
  • Add our high power burner for the full cooking experience
  • Also great for frying other meat such as chicken
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The Turkey Fryer is very popular in the USA, used to fry whole turkeys which sounds a strange thing to do - however - it produces the most tender and moist turkey you have ever had - no dry turkey any more.

They are used in a very simple manor - simple insert the turkey onto the stand provided and lower it into the hot oil inside the 30 quart pan. Simple - 1 and half hours later the turkey is cooked to perfection and not at all burnt or greasy.

The skin on the outside is lovely and crisp and is often rubbed with herbs and spices first. The meat inside is not overcooked or tough. The turkey fryer, from bayou, really does give great results and is good fun to use.

Another feature of this pot, it can also be used to fry chicken wings, fish and much more - it will cook your chicken in an matter of minutes with the same great results. Use it to boil a load of mussels, crab, lobster or shrimps - create a BBQ with a difference. The 30quart turkey fryer pot can be used to steam food or fry a load of chips.

It really is good fun - for out door use only. You will need to provide a suitable burner that is large enough to hold the pot and also enough heat output to ensure the oil or water can get to temperature.

Provided complete with the pot and lid, poultry rack, a grab hook for removal of the turkey, 12 inch thermometer, and a marinade injector along with full instructions for use.