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Garden Anvil Tree Lopper Pruners

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Product Features:
  • Anvil blades
  • 71cm total length
  • Compound action
  • Easy grip rubber handles
  • Ideal for pruning and chopping branches
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The Hecht 020AKB Anvil Pruners are an essential part of any gardener’s tool kit, especially those with plenty of high shrubs and trees in their garden. With these Hecht pruners, also known as both tree loppers and hand loppers, gardeners will find ‘lopping’ off branches and dead ends easy and straightforward.

These Anvil Pruners are the perfect answer for branches that are over 1cm thick and cannot be pruned with standard hand shears or garden secateurs. These steel pruners are a must for gardeners or for those whose job it is to maintain wooded areas.

The blades on these pruners are a classic ‘anvil’ blade. Anvil blades, as opposed to bypass blades, work in a compound manner where one sharp blade is pushed down onto a wider surface made from a softer metal, effectively crushing branches rather than neatly splicing. Anvil blades such as these are ideal for dead plants and dried out branches, as the crushing motion can help shatter the wood more effectively. This compound action also reduces the amount of effort required to cut through branches, which is part of what makes these anvil pruners from Hecht so easy to use.

Anvil blades are also a good choice for any live stems that you don’t wish to grow back as the crushing motion damages the plant’s soft tissue, increasing the time it would take for the plant to heal. The blades on these loppers are also straight rather than curved, the latter being prone to jamming.

These Hecht Pruners need to be operated with two hands and can be held up to access high branches and also held level to access branches which are at the back of a tree or shrub.

The long arms of the handles have been powder-coated and painted in an eye-catching orange-red, which makes them easy to find in the back of the tool shed. The rubber covered handles are black and this soft rubber makes them easy to grip and prevents slipping.

The Pruners are constructed from steel, making them highly durable. The pruners are 71cm in length and are easy to store.

After use, gardeners are advised to wipe debris from the blade by applying a small amount of white spirit with a rag and then applying some WD-40 to prevent rusting. These actions will greatly increase the lifetime of these loppers. Store hand loppers safely in a locked shed, away from children, as the blade is very sharp.

Hecht is arguably the Czech Republic’s largest, most trusted and most established manufacturer of garden tools. The company has won numerous awards for its product design since it began trading globally, notably for its competitively priced lawnmowers.

For gardeners who like a tidy garden and want to be able to reach all sorts of dead or inconvenient branches, these orange-red handled loppers from Hecht are the perfect solution.

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