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Large Square Hardwood Planter in Parma Grey

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Product Features:
  • Size: 44cm x 44cm x 49cm
  • Made from durable acacia hardwood
  • A large drainage hole in base
  • Oil-based external paint
  • Sustainably sourced materials
Price: £59.00
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You could invest in the most beautiful flowers and plants possible, but if you don’t have any way of displaying them properly you won’t get the full enjoyment from them. This large flat packed hardwood square planter is the ideal solution, offering a versatile and stylish way of showing off your green fingered skills, displaying your latest purchases or even growing wholesome fruit and veg.

Measuring 44cm by 44cm by 49cm, these planters offer plenty of space for a host of plants, flowers or produce, without being so big that they are difficult to manoeuvre or site in the garden. With a large drainage hole in the centre of the base and feet to keep it clear of the ground, waterlogged plants will be a thing of the past. This adds to their versatility and means that they are suitable for a whole host of outside spaces, from balconies and patios to larger gardens. They’re also extremely easy to assemble, and don’t require any special DIY skills or equipment.

The Parma Grey colour of this square planter also makes it perfect for a multitude of different environments. The tone is subtle enough that it won’t detract from the beauty of whatever you choose to display inside, but it is chic and versatile enough to look stunning and add a stylish splash of colour. You could use it to plant a small tree or bush, a range of bedding plants, your favourite herbs, vegetables or even make a small fruit garden. The uses are endless, just like the range of compliments you are likely to receive, if you choose to buy one of these square planters.

Be warned, however, that you might just find that one is simply not enough. Buy several and you can create interesting groupings or make use of all areas of your outside space. You can also move them around whenever you feel the need for a change, or if you choose to use them for plants which need a specific kind of environment, such as a particularly sunny or shady spot. It will certainly be much easier to move these gorgeous planters around than it would be to dig up and move your favourite flora. You will also be able to move things around without risking damaging your greenery.

The high-quality materials and quality construction used to create these stunning planters means that they are likely to last for a long time. Being able to move them easily may be important then as it means you can take them with you if you choose to move house, for example. Their longevity and versatility doesn’t end there, either. While you’re bound to love the fashionable Parma Grey colour of these stunning large hardwood square planters, there could come a time when you fancy a change. With a lick of paint or a splash of varnish, you could create a whole new look with the minimum amount of effort or fuss. This means that you really could be enjoying your investment for years to come.

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