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Fitzwilliam Garden Urns Set of 3

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Product Features:
  • Beautiful antique finish
  • Will age naturally
  • Set of three urns
  • Large, medium and small sizes
  • Made from zinc alloy
Price: £78.95
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Whether you’ve got a large, rambling garden, a tiny patio or even just a small balcony, planters are an essential tool for keeping your open spaces looking beautiful all year round, whatever the weather.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes, to match every kind of taste and all budgets, and are suitable for a huge variety of plants, including shrubs and bedding plants, flowers and bulbs and even fruit, vegetables and some small trees. Everything from flowering plants to evergreens, short shrubs to tall grasses will thrive in a correctly-positioned planter with the right soil.

Whether you’re a big fan of clematis or are sweet on sweet peas, your choice of planter is just as important as the plants you put in it. As well as being practical, sturdy, durable and preferably frost-resistant, your planters should be beautiful to look at, because they will hopefully be in your garden for a very long time to come.

Thankfully, we have a large variety of fantastic, stylish planters to match everyone’s tastes. From traditional to modern, and in a wide variety of stunning colours and finishes, including lightweight composite, wood and metallic, you are sure to find a planter to suit your needs.

The Fitzwilliam urn planters are a popular choice among customers who like the more traditional style of planter. If you love creating a vintage look in your open spaces, these planters may be just what you have been looking for.

The Fitzwilliam urns have an elegant and sophisticated appearance, and will perfectly complement every size and style of garden and make each type of plant and flower look their very best all year round.

One of the most popular shapes in the Fitzwilliam collection is the traditional urn. Elegant lines and curves are set off by emphasised rims and bases, and topped off by decorative handles on either side. These planters can be easily moved from one place to another, should the need arise or the fancy take you.

Made from a particularly attractive and hardwearing zinc alloy, these urns come with a beautiful, grey-coloured antique finish, which is designed to age naturally with exposure to the elements - whatever the great British weather decides to throw at us in the coming year. Made to last, you are assured that they will still look fantastic in for many years to come.

The urns come in a set of three, in different sizes - namely, in heights of 41cm (large), 34cm (medium) and 30cm (small). Whether you keep them close together for contrast, or set them at intervals along a pathway, they will look wonderful.

Why not plant them up with your favourite flowering plants, and then place them on steps, or on a low garden wall? They are guaranteed to be a source of pleasure for you, as well as a talking point for every visitor, and a source of envy for your friends and neighbours.

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