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Keansburg Stainless Steel Gas BBQ Grill with Rotisserie

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Product Features:
  • Instantaneous cooking
  • Smoke Box for authentic added flavour
  • Supplied with a motorised rotisserie
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Sleek and stylish design
Price: £399.00
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Barbecuing can sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth - unless you have a Tepro “Keansburg” Gas BBQ Grill, that is. Forget waiting an age for charcoal to heat up or ending up smelling like something the fire brigade just attended - this grill offers all the convenience of an indoor cooking station, with the added excitement of the great outdoors.

Barbecuing can become a fun feature of your calendar all year round with the Keansburg grill, and even impromptu meals can be on the cards, thanks to its instantaneous cooking action. Why put up with soggy charcoal or flaming grills that never seem to achieve the right temperature, when you can stay in control and still enjoy the novelty of outdoor cooking on a great gas grill?

Getting rid of all that fuss and mess doesn’t mean you must forgo the smoky taste offered by a traditional charcoal barbecue, either. The Keansburg is supplied with a Smoke Box which means you can still enjoy a smoky wood flavour, with none of the inconvenience or waiting. The Tepro Keansburg Gas BBQ Grill can be used to create all types of meals, whether you want to make a show-stopper for a special occasion or a simple yet tasty midweek lunch. There is a spacious grill surface which is perfect for a multitude of meats, fish and vegetable creations, together with a generous warming rack. It is also ideal for cooking more than one dish at a time, thanks to its four separate stainless steel burners, which can each be adjusted individually.

This flexibility ensures that the grill can be heated to the temperatures you want, when you want them. There’s no waiting for briquettes to turn white, and the Tepro Keansburg Gas BBQ Grill can be ready exactly when you are. Nor do you have to risk burning your sausages while waiting for the chicken to cook, as the targeted heating power on offer means that you have a similar amount of control as you do during everyday kitchen cooking.

The Keansburg also boasts a motor-operated spit and back burner, which can guarantee crispy rotisserie chicken with the minimum amount of effort or fuss. Your friends and family cannot fail to be impressed when you whip them up delicious dishes more commonly associated with popular restaurants than midweek barbecues in the comfort of your garden.

Other great features of this gas grill are the easy access double doors to the stainless steel trolley, the integrated holder for the gas bottle and two side tables. The Keansburg has an eye-catching, modern design which ensures that the grill looks just as tasty as the food created on it. It can be used for both indirect or direct grilling, and it even boasts a high-performance side cooker, which is perfect for rustling up sauces while the rest of your meal cooks to perfection. For indirect grilling, you just have to turn off half of the burners, use the space on the cooler side and then close the lid. There’s also plenty of room to cook for a whole garden full of guests, meaning that groups can enjoy eating together, rather than having a meal in shifts. The built-in lid thermometer makes it easy to monitor and adjust the cooking temperature.

In addition, the circular centre lifts out of the cooking grid so that you can insert optional inlays and expand the choice of cooking methods available with this BBQ grill. The Grid-in-Grid system, developed by Tepro, is an ingenious system which allows you to choose from a cast iron grid, cast iron pan, cast iron wok or a pizza stone so you could be cooking a pizza whilst grilling a steak or ribs.

Once the cooking is over, the Keansburg gas grill is simple and quick to clean. The enamel coating on the grill racks and a slide out drip tray mean it is a far easier option to clean and maintain than a traditional barbecue. Consequently, you can spend more time enjoying the company of your friends or family, rather than getting covered in a shower of ash and old food when it comes to cleaning up.

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