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Weston Burger Press

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£12.50 £25.00
Product Features:
  • Single Press Burger with Weston Logo
  • For perfectly made burgers every time
  • Use the adjustable collar to make thin patties or thick half pounders
  • Superb quality with non stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe
Price: £12.50
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Weston burger Press - a Fantastic and high quality product from America.

The Single Press Burger from real Tree Products by Weston has their brand logo designed on to the top of the burger press. When the Burger is made, you can see the logo imprinted onto the burger itself!

This product does exactly what it should do - it makes perfect burgers, consistently every single time. You can adjust the weight of the burger with the adjustable collar to make thin patties or thick half pound. Incredibly easy to use - simply place the desired amount of mince into the base of the press and press down onto the mixture. When you raise the press lid again, you can easily eject the burger with the simple spring loaded plunger that releases it from the press - a unique system that allows you to make burgers with one hand! Burgers up to 4cm thick can be made!

The Real Tree Burger Press, by Weston, is supplied in a a high quality non stick coating which has been applied to the all aluminium cast design. The press is dishwasher proof but can easily be cleaned by hand very quickly.

Makes home made burgers 4.5 inches in diameter and under 1cm thick can be achieved, easily.

The best way to make a home made burger is very easy - simply buy or preferably grind your own mince beef, pork, chicken or lamb - form a small ball and place into the press to form a burger. That is it - no bindings are required.

Once the burger is made it should be put onto a very hot griddle, grill or pan - do not flip it until it is half cooked - this is very important. Once half cooked, flip it over once to cook through - never flip again. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper if desired or even a BBQ blend or Curry powder.

You can of course develop your own flavours by adding to the mince before forming, these can be blends of garlic, ginger, chilli, tomatoes, tomato puree and much more - but there is no need for oil or egg.

Supplied in a strong retail box with full instructions and a 1 year warrantee.

An excellent quality burger press. Love that you can vary the size of your burgers and the imprint of the Weston logo makes them look professionally handmade. Would highly recommend purchasing this product ready for your next bbq
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