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Wireless Wildlife Camera - Battery Powered
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Wireless Wildlife Camera - Battery Powered

Wireless Wildlife Camera - Battery Powered

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Solar Panel Charger

PC Connection Kit
This Wireless Wildlife Camera System is the best available and the only one like it on the market.

It is a true wireless system - no need to run any cables for video or power. It incorporates its very own and clever battery box which is located near to your nest box - this will carry and control the power required to last many months. The video is then transmitted through wireless connection back to your TV or chosen viewing area. Depending on the environment you have and how many walls or trees are inline, you could achieve up to 120 metres distance.

The battery box is totally waterproof and is connected to the nest box with a short cable of a metre. The batteries can be re-chargeable and they provide power for the camera and the wireless transmitter

To ensure you get maximum battery life, there are some clever power saving electronics within the camera, these are able to reduce the amount of power that is required increasing battery life.

This wireless Bird box camera system is idea for use in a garden or nature reserve.

It is also possible to have a further device that will allow you to connect the received signal into a PC or laptop - this also allows recording of the images and taking snapshots - so you can share your fun via face book or twitter and other social media sites.
The Bird box camera is fitted with infra red LED illumination, when the light is low or dark they will light up the box allowing you to watch your wildlife in complete darkness anytime of the day or night. Please note - the image is in monochrome during dark periods.

Supplied as a complete kit and ready to go - simply add batteries. Simple to follow instructions to ensure you can locate the nest box with the camera in a good position, increasing the chances of occupancy. Although the nest box has been treated , it is recommended you treat them once a year after nesting season to further prolong the life of the box.

The camera for the nest box is safe to leave outside 24/7.

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