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Burger Presses

One reason that you will want a burger press - to make perfect burgers!

Making a perfect Burger is an art, this art begins with the burger or patty itself. Its not just about having perfect looking burgers, but, by having hamburgers made using a Burger press you will get uniform size and style - this means the same cooking time helping you take your BBQing to a new gourmet level. Burger presses will do just that, along with a ton of other added benefits - in fact one of our Burger Presses, the Stuffed Pocket Burger Press will make you a burger stuffed with you favourite cheese or many other fillings!

Working with freshly ground beef, pork, lamb or chicken will taste much better than using pre-minced or even frozen pre bought burgers. Starting with beef that’s fresh from the grinder and putting it into your press will ensure perfect bite. Making your Own Burgers with using Burger Presses is very satisfying and healthy too.

Weston Burger Press

A Burger Press with
Emboss of Real
Cow Horns!

Weston Double Burger Press

Now you can
Make Great Burgers
2 at a Time!

Realtree Vacuum Sealer & Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Seal your
home made food
for Safe Preservation

Automatic Burger Maker

A fast & fun
way to make
burgers with a Grinder.


Pocket Burger Press

For Stuffed
Burgers made at

Burger Wax Paper

1000 Restaurant
grade waxed
infused papers

3 Slider Mini Burger Press

A classic American
Diner Style Mini
Burger Press


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