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A Bon-Fire mobile kitchen unites the pleasure of a bonfire with all the benefits of a barbecue BBQ. You will find the Bon-Fire has great flexibility without any complicated techniques. It gives you the possibility to cook in a new and exciting way, at home in your garden, in the countryside - anywhere and anytime. You do not have to settle for merely a barbeque.
The Bon-Fire BBQ is nice and easy, and you can both bbq, fry and boil over the fire all at once, while the kids are making the pancakes for dessert. After preparing the food you can move the entire bon-fire set over to the table.
Bon-Fire complete set delux

A Great BBQ
Concept. Grilling
over a Fire.

Bon-Fire Complete Set

The Complete

Bon Fire Set 2

Start with the
Basic Bon-Fire

Bon-Fire Set 1

A Great
Starter Set
For Bon-Fire

Bon-Fire Stand

The Bon-Fire
Stand to use
on its own

Bon-Fire Tipi Tripod Cover

Protect your Tripod
with the
Tipi Cover

Bon-Fire Chains

Essential Chains
For your
Bon-fire Cooking Set

Bon-Fire Tools

Superb Quality
BBQ Tools for
your Bon-Fire

Bon-Fire Stew Pot

These are a
Must with the
Bon-Fire Set

Bon-Fire Pancake Pan

Great for
Pancakes, eggs
& Popcorn

Bon Fire Pop Corn Top

Kids love this
- make Popcorn
after the BBQ

Bon-Fire Coffee or Tea Pot

For a Nice
Cuppa After
your BBQ

Bon-Fire BBQ Pan

The BBQ Pan
Is Great for Paella
Sausages or Steak

Bon-Fire Grill

High Quality
Stainless Steel
Grill for Bon-Fire

Bon-Fire Brazier

The Brazier is
ideal for Camping
or on the Grass


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