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Hedgehog Nest Box
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Hedgehog Nest Box

Hedgehog Nest Box

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Everybody loves the hedgehog and not suprisingley people want to protect them. They do struggle to find suitable shelters now with disruption to the habitats as a result of building or new roads. They naturally look toward urban areas top find some shelter and safety from predators.
This particular Hedgehog Nest box or Hedgehog Sheltar has been designed to ensure they are Warm, safe and dry. This will encourage them to feel as though it is a natural habitat for them to safely nest. The hedgehog will happily nest in a man made nest box and this partiicular model has been proved a success time and time again.

Made with a strong and durable timber - and supplied ready assembled - you can be sure it will give years of service to both you and the hedgehog that decides to occupy this new habitat in your garden or wildlife area.

The Hedgehog Preservation Society have been involved when this nesting box was designed - they have since approved the box for use as its intended purpose.

The access of the box is 5" square and the box has been designed in such a way it can be partley buried - the top of the box which also forms the roof is low enough for the hedehog to build its nest right to the top - just as they like it to feel warm and cosy.

The box has also been designed to ensdure it can allow air to flow over and under preventing any rot occuring.

Nestbox size: Height 22cm x Width 38cms x Length 47cm

Tunnel size: Length 30cm x Width 14.5cm x Height 14.5cm

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